Arboricultural Surveys

What Is an Arboricultural Survey?

An arboricultural survey (or tree survey) is a technical document produced by an arboriculturist (tree expert), which is used to assess and record trees within a particular site or area. Typically, an arboricultural survey is requested by either a local planning authority (for planning applications) or by a mortgage provider following a building surveyor’s report.

Which One of These Tree Surveys Do I Need?

If you have recently submitted a planning application, and trees are growing within or immediately adjacent to the site boundary, then the local planning authority may request that an Arboricultural Impact Assessment is submitted before validating your application. An Arboricultural Impact Assessment is a specific type of arboricultural survey, which is produced to ensure that the good quality, healthy trees are adequately protected from damage during building construction.

If you are applying for a mortgage or moving house, and concerns have been raised about trees growing close to the property, then a specific arboricultural survey can be undertaken, and a mortgage tree survey report can be produced. This type of report will assess nearby trees for their potential to cause future structural damage.

How Much Does an Arboricultural Survey Cost?

If you require a tree report for a planning application then fees will usually include a Tree Condition Survey (to gather required information such tree location and size), and an Arboricultural Impact Assessment (to show the planners which trees may be affected and how retained trees are to be protected). The cost of an arboricultural report will be influenced by the technical nature of the required report, the number of trees within the survey area and the geographical location of the survey site.

Do You Produce Arboricultural Reports to Professional Standards?

All of our arboricultural surveys are undertaken and produced by qualified members of the Arboricultural Association. Our reports for planning applications are undertaken to British Standard BS5837, which is the industry standard required by all local planning authorities. Also, our reports for homebuyers and mortgage applications are undertaken by experienced and qualified surveyors with several years of relevant industry experience. We can also assure you that we hold the appropriate level of Professional Indemnity and Public Liability insurance to provide our professional services. If you have a site containing either one or several hundred trees, then please feel free to give us a call to discuss your requirements.