BS5837 Tree Survey

A British Standard report to assess the impact on trees during construction. Produced to validate planning applications.

What is a BS5837 tree survey?

A BS5837 tree survey is a specialist tree report undertaken to British Standard BS5837 (Trees in relation to design, demolition and construction). This standard is used by local planning authorities to assess the impact on trees during the construction phase of development. The report (or Arboricultural Impact Assessment) also makes specific recommendations to ensure that healthy trees are adequately protected from harm.

How much does a BS5837 tree survey cost?

Depending on the number of trees, the site location and the complexity of the project, fees for a BS5837 survey should typically start at approximately £295 for the initial survey. In addition, an Arboricultural Impact Assessment can be undertaken for a fee of £200.  Please note that an Arboricultural Impact Assessment cannot be undertaken until a tree survey has been completed.

What does a BS5837 tree survey involve?

The first phase is to accurately plot and record the health of the trees within a site as this is critical to ensuring that the best trees are retained. The survey allows recommendations for tree removal based on the condition of the quality of the trees (classed as either A, B, C or U). A comprehensive BS5837 tree survey will outline how best to protect the roots and branches of retained trees. Damaged roots lead to unhealthy trees, so mapping the Root Protection Area of each tree ensures that the trees within the site remain healthy during and after construction.

If there are constraints on construction it is important to outline these well in advance by undertaking an Arboricultural Impact Assessment, which is the second phase. Without an Arboricultural Impact Assessment, quality trees that add value to a site or area could be lost during development.

BS5837 Tree Survey

How does BS5837 tree protection work?

Before any proposed layout is finalised, an arboriculturist should view your project and development area to see which trees would best enhance your project. Following the initial tree survey and impact assessment, a Tree Protection Plan may be drawn up to show how those trees of good quality are to be protected during construction. A specific type of tree protection fencing is required to ensure that trees are adequately protected from construction activity. The fencing must be robust enough to withstand construction site activity and cost-effective enough to not burden the finances of the project. A BS5837 tree survey report will stipulate the most suitable type of fencing for each individual project.

How can Godwins help with your planning application?

Local authority planning applications often request that a BS5837 tree survey is submitted as part of the overall planning application. When the planning process doesn’t factor in existing trees at the beginning of the process, the results can be chaotic. As arboriculturists, we fully understand how and why assessing tree quality and appraising trees in relation to future development is critical to the overall process. If you are in need of a professional BS5837 tree survey report for your proposed scheme, please consider giving us a call. Our tree surveyors are fully qualified and insured to undertake your survey and produce your report. Please feel free to contact us for a free quote.

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Robert offers a friendly and professional service and provides a comprehensive report. He is flexible in his approach and is happy to advise on measures that can be taken to reduce the impact of design proposals on trees. We have worked with Robert for many years and envisage working with him for many more.

Eleanor Hall, Director
Hayes & Partners Architects

We are chartered architects and have worked with Robert Godwin for over 10 years on various projects. We have found his company to be professional, knowledgeable, reliable and always available. Robert’s attention to detail is first class and he is well able to deal with the local authorities arboriculturists.

Peter Dickinson
Peter Dickinson Architects

As developers with more than thirty years’ experience our success has depended upon selecting professional advisors and consultants with a high standard of competence. Robert Godwin has acted for us on numerous projects. His work is of the highest standard and has always produced successful results. We look forward to a continuing working relationship.

David Rahal, Director
Malvern Homes Limited, Property Developers

We’ve worked with Godwins Tree Surveys on numerous projects and have always found their service to be efficient, thorough and friendly. A clear quotation at the outset is followed up by a flexible site visit and detailed report; and Robert is always happy to discuss questions and concerns. Highly recommended.

Mark Whitfield, Architect
Whitfield Architects

We have worked with Godwins for a number of years to provide arboricultural advice and prepare statements in support of a variety of planning application submissions. We have found them to be professional, competitively priced and especially responsive at resolving issues during the application process, all of which are essential in order to secure timely planning permissions for our clients.

Chartered Town Planners
De Pol Associates

We have previously used many arboriculturists to prepare tree surveys for our planning applications submissions, but found Godwins to be the most efficient, cost effective and our consultants of choice.

Jason Cartwright, Director
P4B Extend Limited, Architects

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